GSLF "Bamboo - Natures Giant Grass" by Jaye Irving

1 CPD Point - Green Speed Learning Forum - June 2016

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The presentation will give an overview of natures giant grass. Outlining the harvesting, preservation and construction techniques of bamboo. It will look at a series of projects built over the past 8 years illustrating the versitility and capabilities this sustainable material.

Participants shall:

  • Obtain new knowledge and be able to understand: Bamboo uses in construction
  • Share architectural experience and knowledge of: A number of bamboo project from around the world
  • Contribute to a better understanding (improved) skills of: Bamboo
  • Obtain new knowledge in relation to: Bamboo
  • Improved skills through a better understanding of: The nature of bamboo and the variety of uses with the construction industry.

Presenter: Jaye Irving - Sustainable Architect (Barefoot Sustainable Design
Academic Qualifications: 1988-93 Bachelor of Architecture Ryerson Polytechnical University, Toronto, Canada. 1998 Permaculture Design Certificate Permaculture Institute, Tagari, NSW, Australia 1999.Ecological Sewage Design. Centre for Alternative Technology, N. Wales, U.K. 2000 Facilitating Permaculture in the Third World, Rainforest Information Centre/ Seed Savers Network 2000 3rd World & Indigenous Peoples – Permaculture Implementation. Djanbung Gardens, Nimbin, NSW, Australia 2001 Earth Architecture Design. Auroville Building Centre, Auroville, Tamil Nadu, India 2002-2003 Renewable Energy – Certificate IV. Brisbane Institute of TAFE, Redhill Brisbane Australia
Technical: Over the past 15 years Jaye has engaged in a number of building modalities exploring the use of sustainable and renewable materials along with alternative forms of design. Among these techniques are the following: -Timbercrete Housing -Rammed Earth Housing -Straw Bale Housing -Hemp Housing -Container Housing -Bamboo Housing -Modular Housing
Practical Expertise: Jaye is an architect that builds. My work has not kept me stranded in front of a computer but rather on site constructing. He has successfully run over 20 bamboo build courses, training close to 300 participants in the design and use of bamboo.

Competency Unit: DESIGN

Course Curriculum

GSLF "Bamboo - Natures Giant Grass" by Jaye Irving
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