GSLF May 2016 The Greenspace Strategy

"The Greenspace Strategy for West End, South Brisbane and Highgate Hill: A template for community based planning" by John Mongard

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Over the coming decades 27,000 new residents are expected to move into the suburbs of South Brisbane, West End and Highgate Hill. A Green Space Strategy has been prepared by locally based landscape architects,urban designers and planners and represents a collaboration with the community that offers a model that can be replicated in other communities. The strategy identifies over 11 hectares of under-utilised space currently in the public domain that could be converted to green space and recommends the creation of a new 8 hectare inner city metropolitan riverside parkland.
Learning Outcome:
Participants shall:

  • Obtain new knowledge and be able to understand: 1. Community based planning techniques and processes for complex projects; 2. Emerging techniques for re-purposing inner city public land for new use; 3. Ways of managing conflicting community and civic goals in a fast changing neighbourhood; 4. Urban design processes for green space planning
  • Share architectural experience and knowledge of: 1. New types of inner city open spaces; 2. Co-design process applied to city planning scale; 3. Templates for neighbourhood and community planning; 4. How landscape Architects and Planners can work in direct processes with communities
  • Contribute to a better understanding (improved) skills of:1. Contemporary landscape Planning 2. Community Design process 3. Strategic Planning for Greenspace 4. Co-design practises
  • Obtain new knowledge in relation to: 1. Greenspace Planning in inner city brisbane; 2. Landscape Planning practice

  • Improved skills through a better understanding of: 1. Greenspace Planning; 2. managing inner city community conflicts

Presentation and Interactive Workshop
Presenter: John Mongard - Urban Designer and Landscape Architect
Academic Qualifications: B.App. Sci. Built Environment(distinction); Graduate Diploma in Landscape Architecture; Fellow ,Institute of Landscape Architects; Occasional lecturer QUT
Technical: 30 years running an award winning Landscape Architectural practice
Practical Expertise: Planned, designed and rebuilt over 30 town Centres across Australia
Competency Unit: Design

Course Curriculum

GSLF "The Greenspace Strategy for West End, South Brisbane and Highgate Hill: A template for community based planning
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