GSLF March2016 Urban Climate Governance C40

GSLF - Lessons learned from 40 international cities audit for climate interventions - what can SEQ

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As a result of learning from the audit findings of 40 cities that voluntarily participated, over 100 cities have adjusted their thinking and funding for future infrastructure and city priorities.

Methodologies for those changes opens new ways to develop projects for change from micro to city wide policy directions. BY understanding the buttons to push, there is opportunity for your projects to be more professional in its business cases and more sustainable as your work is recognised as resilient rather than a temporary consideration.

Donnell's presentation overviews culturally different approaches and successful innovations for better living with climate. Come and learn what works in other places, and could work for your projects too.
Learning Outcome:
Participants shall:
  • Obtain new knowledge and able to understand 4 themes for addressing climate resilience in every city Enable customisation for local conditions Audit own projects with C40 framework (and updates). Learn creativity from low GDP countries Learn modelling & monitoring techniques from higher GDP countries Think differently beyond latest trinkets to address basic causes & impacts
  • Share architectural experience and knowledge for 53 countries 6 subtropical design approaches Tropical adaptations that are useful for Queensland and Brisbane climate changes Amphibious architecture Kinetic Architecture Virtual Infrastructure Inclusive design
  • Contribute to a better understanding (improved) skills of Ethics in urban design - easy as 3,4,5.
  • Obtain new knowledge in relation to own professional ethics bio-mimicry interdisciplinary innovation
  • Improved skills through a better understanding of options and opportunities to introduce new thinking to old problems integrate beyond incremental steps

Presentation and Interactive Workshop
Presenter: Donnell Davis - Founder Envirobusiness
Academic Qualifications: Doctorate: Sustainable City-Regions: Creating Responsive Institutions (Netherlands UNU & USQ Australia) Masters Environmental Management UQ (Sust Dev) Post Grad Public Policy QIT CPA (Audit & Program Evaluation) Bachelor Business DDIAE (Accounting/Finance & HRD) JP Queensland (1981)
Technical: 2014 Climate Reality Leadership Corp (International Program) 2012 Australian Mediators Association 2010 Innovation Scholarship (Australia) 2008 Commenced UN Law Uni, Netherlands “Sustainable City Regions: Creating Responsive Institutions” (completing USQ 2014 Doctorate of Professional Studies “Climate Sensitive Cities”) 2005 ASIC F146 accredited: Friendly Societies/Charities/Not for Profit/Cooperatives/Ethical Investment 2003 Program - Australian Institute of Company Directors 2001- International Accreditation as Executive Coach 1999- Masters Environmental Management (Sustainable Development) (UQ) 1993 Core subjects from Masters of Public Policy (QIT) resulting in Post Graduate Award 1992 Certificate - Counselling (Behavioural Science) UQ 1990 Certified Practising Accountant Program Deakin University - Distance Ed 1988 Bachelor of Business (Accounting and Finance) DDIAE external study 1987 Bachelor of Business (Management - HRM) DDIAE external study 1981 Justice of the Peace (Queensland) Languages – Fluent in English – minimal oral, written French, Spanish, commenced basic Mandarin, Katakana Japanese.

Practical Expertise:
25 Government 15 Year Private and third sectors Successful urban design projects: * Selsey House: sustainable affordable housing for older women - Runcorn Brisbane 2008 (Owner Builder Funder Manager Advocate) + Design for Disability (Future Self program) Swinburne partners +Sustainable Living Residents Package (FoSEQ) + Low carbon policy review (framework - systems for international reporting) Malaysia + Green cities review - Singapore +Commonwealth cities review - CHOGM + Retrofitting cities for climate resilience ( EAROPH) + Infrastructure evaluation - inclusive infrastructure investment guidelines +Microfinance for Pacific climate projects (2012-ongoing) empowering enterprise for addressing climate change +Greening Asia book 2 (EAROPH) DT x BM = RC

Competency Unit: Design, Documentation & Practice Management

Course Curriculum

GSLF March 2016 Urban Climate Governance C40
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