GSLF- August 2016 "Saving Energy and Window Film"

1 CPD Point - "Case Studies: Saving Energy and Increasing Comfort with Window Film" by Jack Krispin

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Window film is a cost effective way to reduce heat gain through windows and skylights resulting in energy savings and reduced carbon emissions. Window film blocks UV radiation and glare resulting in increased tenant/guest comfort. We will also review a new and exciting application of window film in altering building appearance. Advanced technologies such as the use of Nano particles allow development of spectrally selective and durable solutions for internal and external application. We will review some real life case studies of window film applications.

Participants shall:

  • Obtain new knowledge and be able to understand: • Solar Control Definitions • The energy saving benefits of window film • Existing Window Film technologies and applications
  • Share architectural experience and knowledge of: Ways to improve energy efficiency and building aesthetics
  • Contribute to a better understanding (improved) skills of: Matching type of window film technology to specific project requirements
  • Obtain new knowledge in relation to: Saving energy, improving comfort, and aesthetics through window film application
  • Improved skills through a better understanding of: • Solar Heat Gain and the Solar Spectrum • Window Film Technologies • Case studies of window film implementations

Presenter: Jack Prispin (Business Development Manager) - Hanita Pacific
Academic Qualifications: BScEE MBA
Technical: Project Management
Practical Expertise: Developing market for window film in Australia

Competency Unit: DESIGN

Course Curriculum

GSLF "Case Studies: Saving Energy and Increasing Comfort with Window Film" by Jack Krispin
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