GSLF-April16 "Modest approach to a Livable Future"

GSLF "Modest approach to a Livable Future" by Julie Borgelt - April 2016

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This presentation follows a progression of design and sustainable projects and principles that have shaped the philosophies and ideas of the practice. With investigations into livability, sustainability, recycling, flexibility and future ways of living This will highlight award winning sustainable transformation of a family home into a highly functioning Home Studio.

Learning Outcome:
Participants shall:

  • Share architectural experience and knowledge of affordability, flexibility, recycling and ethical sustainable living and working models
  • Obtain new knowledge and able to understand Multi-life potential and adaptability of buildings
  • Utilizing what's on hand on: value of Sustainability and recycling to achieve liveability and treasured space
  • Obtain new knowledge in relation to shared space and resources. ethical- natural- local
  • Improved skills through a better understanding of affordability and the environment performance • Energy and comfort, and the importance of basics – sun, rain wind
Presentation and Interactive Workshop
Presenter: Julie Borgelt - Principal Architect at Borgelt & Craig Architects
Academic Qualifications: Bachelor Of Design Studies, University of Queensland Bachelor of Architecture, University of Queensland
Technical: Architectural Documentation, Specification Writing, Contract Administration -Owner-builder Construction for 2 houses

Practical Expertise: 1986 Russell Hall Architect -student architect / on-site laborer and apprentice carpenter and cook for construction site of Camp Island resort; 1989 Heather Thiedeke junior architect; 1990 Total Concept Interior / senior designer and Project Manager 1991 Russell Hall Architect / architect; 1992 Helen Smith Architect - registered architect; 1993-1995 Elizabeth Watson Brown Architects - senior architect; 1995 - Also Architecture collaboration with Alice Hampson & Sheona Thompson -won National design competition for Muscular Dystrophy Resort; 1996 -formed partnership of Borgelt & Craig Architects with sister, Deborah Craig

Competency Unit: Design

Course Curriculum

GSLF "Modest approach to a Livable Future" by Julie Borgelt
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